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"OK, it was a long time coming but it finally arrived!!  The All NEW legislation for NSW Strata Laws INCLUDING the NEW Strata Regulations!!  Now, don't get me wrong - many of these changes were needed but it still has a way to go before we can all relax.   I applaud some of the changes while others are just so-so - but at least things ARE moving in the right direction.  Happy reading!"
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Well, November 30th 2016 has well and truly come and gone so we're all now facing this brave new 'Strata World' head-on and it's STILL a matter of 'catch-up' for some webmasters out there.  Sadly, a lot of the information about NSW strata out in cyber space right now is STILL probably out of date - i.e. it no longer complies and needs replacing or at least tweaking - but it continues to get better...

I too was faced with making a huge number of necessary changes to this site so that it complied with the new legislation - and I can thankfully say that it's pretty much done - but there are still a couple of missing areas to be added. Hhhmmm - I might just wait for new updated version of this site to add them in but I'm not totally sure about that.

Now, after receiving quite a few customer requests, I've decided to keep this page up for a while yet - at least until the dust completely settles AND the few rogue sites (still dragging the chain) either catch up or I delete or replace their links (if they continue to be too slow).  Anyway, I've put up a few of the 'reform summary/evaluation type' articles on this page to give you a good run-down on the reforms and how they might impact you instead of making you plough through each section looking for the differences.

The information provided by these links will, as always, be hard hitting and relevant.  It won't be light-on in terms of quality information nor will it be off-topic.  It's too easy to waste hours and hours scouring the internet for something only to come up with a lot of junk links, dead-ends, bad, incorrect or out-of-date information or articles that are simply 'light weight' and tell you nothing.

However, be VERY careful when you read anything that deals with NSW Strata.  Make sure it refers to the CURRENT legislation (i.e. NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 & Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016) or you could be unknowingly heading down the wrong path.

Terminology Changes

Firstly, and as with all changes in legislation, a number of TERMS were changed and I have created a table that shows the OLD and the NEW.  Here's the link which takes you straight there: Table of Terminology Changes

Transitional Provisions

As with most big changes in legislation, there are certain things that must be done and by certain times to comply with the new laws.  These are called Transitional Provisions by NSW Fair Trading which has (yet again) given us some great information dedicated just to this - so make sure you read the New Strata Laws Transitional Provisions page to see if any applied to you or your strata scheme.

UPDATE:  All of the transitional periods have now come and gone so make sure you see what you SHOULD HAVE DONE, and by when, and what still needs to be done - hopefully there'll be nothing but, if there is, then you need to find out HOW to get it/them done ASAP.

And now, without further ado, here are the links...

BUT before we go there.....Try your luck with this NEW LEGISLATION QUIZ - courtesy of Flat-Chat (and Jimmy Thomson)- for those of you game enough to test out your knowledge.   It's totally anonymous so see how you fair... Just hit the START button and away you go -

QUIZ: 20 questions on the new strata laws



NSW Fair Trading

Fair Trading should really be your "go-to-guys" when it comes to the new changes.
Sure, they won't give you any tips, tricks or opinions BUT they will give you the most up-to-date info around.
Great starting point though...

Real Estate Institute of NSW


Some Other Useful Links

Below are a number of other links to pretty decent articles on the Strata Law Reforms

Well, I think that might do for now.
However, if another excellent article appears I might just add it in....



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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This website deals with strata matters in NSW, Australia only.  Legislation varies in different states and territories and in other countries.  For information pertaining to places outside of NSW, Australia please refer to the appropriate legislation for your region.

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